Breaking Tessa by T. Christensen – Review by Laura Furuta

Breaking Tessa: A College Sport RomanceBreaking Tessa: A College Sport Romance by T. Christensen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Breaking Tessa
By T. Christensen
5 out of 5 stars

I loved reading the book Breaking Tessa by T. Christensen. It is a story that will pull you in from the beginning. I loved the characters of Jordan Davis and Tessa Parker. Tessa is a young woman who doesn’t crave the spotlight. Jordan is someone who is used to the limelight. They find they have a connection and attraction to each other. There is no doubt as to their feelings for each other. Will their relationship work? Read this book to find out. Tessa and Jordan are characters that I grew to care about what happens to them with each chapter that I read. Tessa is intelligent and head over heels for Jordan. Jordan is an amazing basketball player who is on a path that has him a rising star. The book had my emotions going up and down. There are also very romantic scenes included. Don’t miss out on a story that will have you hooked and not wanting to put it down until the final page. I highly recommend reading it.

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