Titanian’s Phoenix: Titanian Chronicles by Victoria Saccenti – Review by Kendra Aubry

Titanian's Phoenix: Titanian ChroniclesTitanian’s Phoenix: Titanian Chronicles by Victoria Saccenti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What an incredible start to Victoria Saccenti’s newest series! Titanian’s Phoenix is a new take on the idea of humans unknowingly coexisting alongside mythical creatures, and the power struggle between the different races of fae.
Maya Brown never really payed much credence to her godmother’s stories about magic existing in the world, until she wakes up kidnapped and drawn into the middle of a struggle for power and control in the mythical world. Soren Westerberg is a Titanian Enforcer, tasked with being the final line of protection and justice in this fantastic world; it is both a birthright and a curse. He never anticipated that his life path would include a soulmate, someone who is destined to be his perfect match in all things, until Maya stumbled in to the dive bar favored by his people asking for him by name and in need of his help to evade her kidnappers. This first encounter of the story’s lead characters is the introduction to nonstop action and uncovering secrets within a world of magic.

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