Kissing the Kavalier by Annette Nauraine – Review by Rebecca Hill

Kissing the KavalierKissing the Kavalier by Annette Nauraine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Historic romance is one of my favorite types of books, and Kissing the Kavalier fell perfectly into this category. The story starts with Matteo fighting in the war. It is heart stopping reading about him and his men. Next you meet Zdenka and her sister Arabella. Arabella is tasked with marrying a wealthy man in her coming out Seasonin order to save her bankrupt family and their farm. With no money for another Season, Zdenka portrays herself as a male “Zdenko” and chaperones her sister. She never expected to meet the dashing and honorable Matteo who is suffering PTSD from the war. This is a wonderful love story about growing as a person and learning to trust other people. Will Arabella be able to save her family and marry for love? Can Matteo overcome the ghosts of his past and allow himself to love Zdenka? Will Zdenka give up some of her pride? Find out in Kissing the Kavalier!

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