Seductive Prey (Relentless #1) by Vivian Fiano – Review by Stephanie Chapman

Seductive Prey (Relentless #1)Seductive Prey by Vivian Fiano
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Seductive Prey by Vivian Fiano is a romance thriller that kept me fully engaged with the story. Jordan Smith has come home from her National Guard training and is ready to start working at a dance studio. When she enters the building one morning with a coworker, a strange man is inside attempting to steal music speakers. Realizing he has been caught, he tries to attack Jordan. When the police arrive, the man flees. Jordan recognizes one of the officers is Staff Sergeant Grant Summers from her National Guard unit. A few days later Grant and Jordan begin dating only to find a stalker is after Jordan.

The story is written in first person view that alternates between Grant and Jordan. I have three people as possible guesses for the stalker. First is Sloan: Jordan’s friend that wanted an intimate relationship, but she turned him down. Second is Officer Lynch: Grant’s partner that starts acting strangely and randomly disappears. Third is Piper Smith: Jordan’s sister who is jealous of Jordan’s ability to be praised by their father. The abrupt ending is at a major climatic point that had me begging to read the sequel. This is a 5 star romantic suspense book that I would recommend for adult readers that like a good mystery.

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