The House that Adelia Built AUDIO BOOK by Mya O’Malley – Review by Bobbi Wagner

This is  my first audible story by this author but I will say that it is my favorite.   I enjoyed this narrator and the story she told.  With this story it is like listening to two different stories in one.  I think the narrator did a good job of making the two stories separate but yet one and not confusing.  There are a few characters in this story that are lovable and connectable.  This story revolves around a lighthouse. The first couple moved there after they were married back in 1800. After a while he started changing and she was confused on why.  Then it brings us to the current day where you have Hope who is a woman who is a little lost and has low self esteem. She is having nightmares at night and is not sure what they mean. When she starts investigating why she is having these dreams, what will she uncover? There is something about the lighthouse that has drawn her to it.   She also meets a man who they spend quite a bit of time together. What will happen when they start developing feelings for each other? I enjoyed listening to  both stories about the past and the present.  I really enjoyed listening to this and I highly recommend it.

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