Dirty Tactics (Special Weapons & Tactics Book 1) AUDIO BOOK by Peyton Banks – Review by Mrs R

This book has every thing you should want in a fast paced military/police romance, hot police officers, alpha male tendencies, curvy strong women and a situation that forces them to face a future they didn’t envisage. However it just didn’t quite pan out for me.

Marcus is SWAT officer, convinced his lifestyle isn’t suitable for relationships. Sarena is a strong willed ER nurse who would love to find the right man a settle down. The two are neighbours who have been keeping an eye on each other, but neither makes a move, until Marcus walks up to Sarena and tells her he’s going to sleep with her and she says OK. There is no build up or flirting, it’s literally the first conversation they have.

I just didn’t feel any building up of a relationship with these two characters, they went from instant sexual attraction, to ‘willing to die for the other’ in a matter of a couple of dates.

The book almost felt like it was in two parts. The first being an erotic romance, the second an action romance and I would have loved to have seen more of a merge.

I enjoyed the action element to the story and you can tell a lot of thought has gone into it, but the romance (or lack of romance), just fell flat to me.

The duel narration was good and really helped to move between the duel POV. I’d gladly listen to either again.

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