Forbidden Wolf (The Shadow Chronicles Book 1) by CR Robertson – Review by Kayla Bullock

Forbidden WolfForbidden Wolf by C.R. Robertson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Where to even start with Forbidden Wolf? What a fantastic novel! Tasha, a lonely vampire, meets Levi, a strong, powerful lycan, by accident one night. What starts as a chance encounter quickly escalates into a forbidden love as the lycans and vampires are sworn enemies. Keeping their love a secret grows increasingly hard as they fall more and more for one another. But their love could be the death of them if either Levi’s pack or Tasha’s coven finds out. When a common enemy threatens both sides, Tasha and Levi may hold the only key to survival.

This story is amazing! Beautifully written, I was rooting for Levi and Tasha from the first time they met–their relationship, the undeniable pull they feel for each other, their stolen moments together. The evil this face is creepy, dark, twisted, and unique. C.R. Robertson knows how to write! I am really looking forward to the second novel to see how it all plays out.

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