Secure Decision (Chase Security Series Book 5) by R.L. Dunn – Review by Jennifer Gordon

Secure Decision (Chase Security Series Book 5)Secure Decision by R.L. Dunn
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Having read and thoroughly enjoyed the previous four books in this series I was really looking forward to this latest novel and was definitely not disappointed. As usual with a ‘Chase Security Series’ book I was hooked from start to finish. Although part of a series this can be read as a standalone story although some of the characters do crossover as the series follows the Chase brothers and their team. In this novel it’s the Senior Executive for Chase Security International, Wes ”Alamo” Crockett’s story. Wes is a Combat Medic and nationally registered Paramedic who has just taken over the Chase Centre for Training in Virginia. Wes is suffering with self doubt over a previous tough mission in New York but has to put his feelings aside to oversee operations including a equine-assisted therapy program for disabled veterans. It’s here where Wes meets the new Director of Equine-Assisted Therapy, Eleanor West.
When a body is found in a cabin on the training centres property Wes has to investigate as well as being assigned to a case involving women being kidnapped, so he definitely does not have time to find himself attracted to Eleanor. Eleanor is also fighting the chemistry between her and her boss as she’s just started a new job and is hoping for a new start after years of running and hiding her painful secrets. However when these secrets endanger those she cares about Eleanor has to make a difficult decision and may have to put her own life at risk to end her nightmare. Meanwhile, Wes must choose between gaining Eleanor’s trust and helping her and the missing women’s case.
This exciting and engaging novel is fast paced and full of drama, suspense and of course romance. The main characters Wes and Eleanor are likeable and realistic and their chemistry really sizzled off the page. I particularly liked that Eleanor is a curvaceous women and her negative body image made her very relatable and was written about in a sensitive way. This is a great addition to the series and I recommend not only this book but the previous four as well. I look forward to book six in the series.

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