An Enduring Love by Wareeze Woodson – Review by Jennifer Gordon

An Enduring LoveAn Enduring Love by Wareeze Woodson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I found this historical romance both enjoyable and engaging and was hooked from start to finish. Rebecca Balodis has been born and raised in Latvia and marries an English diplomat Rhys Sudduth. Soon after they are married Rhys has to return to England as his father is dying, meanwhile Rebecca stays in Latvia but becomes trapped in the turmoil of the country. Rhys is informed of his wife’s death and four years later believing he is a widow is courting Susan, a young debutante. Planning to announce his betrothal at his sister’s ball, Rhys is shocked when Rebecca arrives along with his son, having escaped and travelled to London to find her husband. The storyline flowed well and had an intriguing plot with plenty of action that kept me happily turning the pages. I liked Rebecca and felt a connection with her but unfortunately I just could not warm to Rhys which made it difficult for me to feel totally immersed in their romance . The chemistry between Rebecca and Rhys didn’t really come across in the story for me, making their relationship a bit unrealistic. However, as always I enjoyed the period details that the author puts in her novels and her descriptive narrative really bought both the Latvia and England settings alive for me.

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