Hazard in Hawaii (A Doctor Danger Mystery BOOK 1) by Heather Silvio

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Hazard in Hawaii (A Doctor Danger Mystery BOOK 1) by Heather Silvio
Genre – Supernatural mystery; paranormal thriller
Page Count – 200 pages

One man is dead, boiled alive by an unexplained fever-illness. He is just the first.
When locals fall ill on the Big Island of Hawai‘i, a team with a reputation for solving unusual cases is recruited to discover why.
Assistant investigator Sarah Danger can barely contain her excitement at being flown with her boss to a tropical paradise. After all, she expects this is a client overreaction to a natural event, and a routine medical explanation for the deadly fever-illness will surely come.
But hidden beneath the lush beauty of Hawai‘i is something that science can’t explain, and the key to saving everyone may well be as old as the Big Island itself. When unexpectedly thrust into a leadership role, Sarah must rely on her empath abilities and background in comparative mythology to solve the case. Can she uncover the truth in time, or will she fall victim herself?
Don’t miss out on the supernatural mystery of the Hazard in Hawaii from the author of the Paranormal Talent Agency.


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Heather Silvio loves to tell fun, flirty fantasy romance & mystery stories that make readers smile. She is also an actress and licensed psychologist with a few nonfiction titles for variety. When she isn’t working, she channels her inner flapper as a 1920s jazz and blues singer.

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