Stripped (Stripped Book 1) by Stacy-Deanne – Review by Shelly Kittell

Stripped (The Stripped Series Book 1)Stripped by Stacy-Deanne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dee is involved in a missing case that intertwines her current man, her past man and a cult leader who is a suspect. Toss in a partner that she doesn’t like and you have a book with some definite drama and a tough officer. Dee is just coming back after burying her father so the whole case of who killed the cult member opens her up for easy seduction. Jonathan, the cult leader, tries almost every way possible to seduce her into the cult by using her need for family that can love her. Thankfully, Dee realizes that she has people who do care for her that pull her out. Alas, this is book 1 so it will leave you hanging…. I’m going to be eagerly awaiting book 2 to find out what happens. Can Winston hang on to her? Or will Jonathan take her away. Highly recommend.

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