Goddess of Everything: A Blood-Curdling Tale of Truth, Freedom, and Love by Paul DeBlassie III – Review by Angela Packard

Goddess of EverythingGoddess of Everything by Paul DeBlassie III
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW!!! Gabriel de LaTierra can see things, after his father passes, he tells him that he may come in many forms but will always be watching over him. Gabriel’s mother, Juana,…is evil incarnate. She is Mother Superior of an orphanage where Gabriel (a therapist for the county) sends children who are lost and needy.
The feelings that came with reading this book can be overwhelming. Children are abused, innocent people killed, all for the sake of keeping Mother Juana young and virile. Her hold on her son is more than just a mother’s love for her son. She resents that Gabriel got married to his wife, Consuela. Consuela gently tries to pull Gabriel from his mother, his work should not drain him as much as it does. Her love is unconditional, can she get through to Gabriel before it is too late?
Not necessarily a book I would pick up and read, but am so glad I did. Again…WOW!!

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