Notebook Mysteries – Decisions and Possibilities by Kimberly Mullins – Review by Corine Lombardi

Emma (Notebook Mysteries #1)Emma by Kimberly Mullins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Notebook Mysteries – Decisions and Possibilities
By: Kimberly Mullins
Genre: Young Adult & Historical
Pages: 242

Well…I don’t know exactly what to say about this story.
It felt very diary like. It was much of a cliff hanger but I will say I is very engaging.
It is a mystery and I would say family drama.
Like a soap. Have you ever watched All my Children?
Yes it is very ABC….It has an amazing pot that had me wanting to just keep gong however it was also like an okay lets get to it….your going to keep reading to find out the what, who, where,, when.
Very well put together.
Except for the ending, but what?
Okay Emma I get it. Four stars it is a great read.
100% worth it I am just more psychological thriller then adventure and mystery.
You ask me this is a story that results from a teen hitting the peak of puberty and wanting to see the world.
You go Emma!

“You’re saying he has pictures of bodies and such?” That gave Tony a moment of pause.

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