Raven Woman’s Tavern by Laura Koerber – Review by Helen Woodhull Parsons

Raven Woman's TavernRaven Woman’s Tavern by Laura Koerber
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is set slightly in the future in Warrentown. A baren place with very few residents and they are mostly the elderly.

One night the tavern gets a visit from a few militia members and that when things get stirred up. They get drunk and annoying and try to make a scene to spice up the boring evening.

The militia members get lost on the way home on the same road they drove to get to Warrentown. They are left battling each other and their surroundings to survive. As one member gets removed from the group he doesn’t realize it will forever change his life.

Raven Woman’s Tavern is the first book I have read from Laura Koerber but definitely will not be the last. Thanks for an Intriguing read.

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