Return to Alpha by Wesley Britton – Review by Alexis Laidlaw

Return To Alpha: A new saga beginsReturn To Alpha: A new saga begins by Wesley Britton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Return to Alpha” is a dystopian novel set in the future, based off the events that are occurring today – with the pandemic being at the forefront of the “festivities”. I have read many books with a similar mindset, and while I do want to applaud the author for painting a scarily realistic picture of what could become – possibly minus the space travel, but who really knows! – it was a difficult book to immerse myself in.
The writing was factual and concise, and extremely descriptive – sometimes to the point that it look away from the book itself and I found myself wanting to skip forward to the next part.
There also are a lot of characters – each with extensive backgrounds and information. Again, this is a the show of a very talented author, it was just a bit much for myself.
Good work, Wesley Britton!

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