Strega – Magic: The Spirit Never Dies by Lynne Russell-Review by Lauren West

Strega - Magic: The Spirit Never DiesStrega – Magic: The Spirit Never Dies by Lynne Russell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book we are introduced to Annie. A strega or “witch” in Italian. She is aiming to become a doctor and with her loving fiancée by her side…only she isn’t sure that this doctor thing is her passion, and her fiancée turns out to not be that great as well.
Annie soon embarks on a journey to find her calling and her true self. It becomes a eye opening journey that is taken with Annie and the gifts she finds and the strength she gains speak to who she is as well as the connection to women generations before her.

This book was such a great read! Witches and powerful women all entwined in one. The way the story provided past and present combined with a vast family history made it all the more fascinating. This is a first read for me by this author but the way she tells stories I can guarantee its not the last.

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