Forbidden Moon (The Shadow Chronicles Book 3) by CR Robertson – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Forbidden MoonForbidden Moon by C.R. Robertson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Levi and Tasha are back and they are still fighting for their lives, as well as for the lives of their families and friends, as the hellspawn continue to attack their military bases, the vampires and the lycans are putting aside their differences and the allied forces they have created together finally believe they can work together and a truce has been called between the two races. Meanwhile, the hellspawn are becoming stronger and more daring in their attacks, but the allied forces weaponry is advancing at a much faster pace, albeit everyone is on edge and exhausted, they continue their fight against the swarming darkness.

As the battles continue, Tasha is looking into the history of their races to try and figure out their origins and why she has the magical powers within her, this is all while studies are being made into the different breeds of hellspawn and what makes them so strong, as well as unravel the mysteries as to why they are determined to destroy the two mates. On one of their information gathering excursions something goes awry and nearly destroys the bond between them, however, as they frolic under the light of the full moon and relive an encounter from their past in the most passionate way possible, an ancient power returns and a truth is revealed which may just be the key to their survival.

Despite this, the danger surrounding them doesn’t lessen as they recover from one shock after another a new kind of hellspawn emerges and as they attempt to break the connection between Tasha and Levi it just makes them more determined to find each other again, but will they come together in time to stop the Hellspawn plans for domination, or will the world as they know it come to an end? This is a paranormal romance with plenty of action and adventure to keep you hooked as two opposing species come together to fight an intolerable evil which preys on all without discrimination in this addictive fantasy adventure.

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