The View from Here by Leon Stevens – Review by Kerry Carr

The View from HereThe View from Here by Leon Stevens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this sci-fi adventure story. The author does an amazing job of world building and the description of the world inside the cave to the world outside the cave is what really makes the reader feel they have crossed over into another place.

The characters are well written. Both are adventurous and wanting to learn more about the place they have found no matter how crazy it seems.

The main point of this story for me is the characters resilience and their determination to survive what ever this new world throws their way. Using only their combined knowledge they need to figure out what this place is and why its there. What I liked is the fact that the characters do get things wrong which makes them feel very real and human.
You are taken on a adventure into a strange unknown world. And they only have their  knowledge and health  to survive the tasks and things that will be thrown at them. Will they survive this unique and different world?

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