The Worry Knot by Mary Bleckwehl – Review by Candice Estes

The Worry KnotThe Worry Knot by Mary Evanson Bleckwehl
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While this was a good effort by the author, there were many places where the timeline jumps forward without any real indication. You can go from a person’s room to a conversation with a friend in school without warning. As the mother of a teenaged Autistic person, though more high functioning than Carson, I found Carson to be relatable as well as someone I felt a need to protect as much as Rourke did. Rourke embodied many of the same worries and concerns I have found myself worrying over with my other children, one of whom is also Autistic and somewhere between my oldest and Carson. I always worry about their ability to make friends in social situations, rather or not they are being judged by those around them, and their ability to stay safe and to live on their own in the future. I feel that this author has a good amount of insight into the minds of teens and the family members that they may feel the need to worry over. I truly believe that with more experience and time, this author will come into her own and be amazing.

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