Claiming My Mate (Wolf Hollow Pack Book 1) by Nicole Howl – Review by Jennifer Gordon

Claiming My Mate (Wolf Hollow Pack #1)Claiming My Mate by Nicole Howl
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a fast paced paranormal romance, featuring wolf shifters, that had me gripped from start to finish. The very likeable and relatable heroine of the story Lily, has been a captive of the Huntington’s, the Wolf Hollow Royals for a year and has been working as their slave. Lily is a human among the Wolf Hollow Pack, of wolf shifters. The Royals have been away touring their pack lands but when they return Lily is surprised by her reaction to them, especially the Prince. The future Alpha and King of Wolf Hollow, Jason is biding his time until he can take over from his father, the Alpha and end his terrible regime. On returning home one sniff of Lily and he knows she’s his mate despite being a mere slave girl and a human. Jason is determined to be a good mate to Lily, but with his parents against the match, another wolf wanting to claim Lily, and the rebels at the gates, all conspiring to keep them apart, Lily and Jason may not get their HEA.

I liked the main characters, Lily and Jason and their chemistry came across in the writing. I was especially engaged with Lily, and really felt for her and the tragic circumstances she found herself in. The other characters and setting were brought vividly to life through the descriptive narrative, immersing me in the story. The storyline does deal with some sensitive issues, and although things happen ‘off page’, they do have a significant impact on the storyline. I hope some of the secondary characters mentioned will also get their own stories. I found myself engrossed in this story and was shocked by the cliffhanger ending, so I am now waiting impatiently for book two in this series!

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