Claiming My Mate (Wolf Hollow Pack Book 1) by Nicole Howl – Review by Rosanna Ingram

Claiming My Mate (Wolf Hollow Pack #1)Claiming My Mate by Nicole Howl
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lily has grown up as a servant in the castle of the Alpha of the Wolf Hollow Pack. Her days are spent keeping her head down, avoiding eye contact with any member of the royal family, and doing her chores. After an attack on her from one of the king’s guards, her life takes a turn that she never saw coming.

After an attack from rebels lands him in a hospital bed, Jason (the prince) is shocked when his wolf wants him to protect whoever else is in the infirmary with him. When he learns that it is one of the humans that works in the castle, he is confused. But, there is more to this human girl than it seems…it’s his mate.

Jason finds himself fighting to the death for a chance to claim his mate…despite his mate’s protests. But, there seems to be a lot more at play here than we know. Can Jason win the battle? Is there a bigger battle brewing?

This book was a relatively quick and easy read. Lily is definitely a lot stronger than she lets herself believe…and I am hoping more of that shines through in the next book. There are also enough secondary characters that could potentially have their own storylines in future books. Overall, a good introduction to a new series that I am looking forward to following in the future.

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