Weep, Woman, Weep: A Gothic Fairytale about Ancestral Hauntings by Maria DeBlassie – Review by Emily Beehler

Weep, Woman, WeepWeep, Woman, Weep by Maria DeBlassie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is an amazing read, that one can finish fairly quickly. The writing style is well done, and once I got into the story, I could not put it down till I was finished. It’s a thought provoking read that makes the reader consider generational trauma, and what it means to take charge of one’s own happiness. The main protagonist is Mercy, and we fallow her narrative about her time as a young girl and into adulthood. She explains to the reader who La Llorona is, why it’s dangerous for the women in town to get to close to the river, and why she collects her own tears in jars. This book is a great read all through out the year, but I imagine this is the type of book is an even better read while on vacation or on a nice summer or spring day. Overall, I recommend this book to those that would like a light read and gets them thinking.

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