Claiming My Mate (Wolf Hollow Pack Book 1) by Nicole Howl – Review by Jessica Dimmock

Claiming My Mate (Wolf Hollow Pack, #1)Claiming My Mate by Nicole Howl
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Decent character driven story with our main heroine being a human slave in the household of Wolf shifters. Namely the royal family. The King is a royal Jerk, the queen seems sweet but downtrodden, and the sexy Wolf Prince Jason. The story feels a bit Shakespearian with a fairytale twist. We have rebels/rebellion over the monarchy being iron fisted and a slave girl who catches the eye of our handsome prince. There’s the “evil” guardsman who you want to see on a pike before the story is through, and a twist that just makes you want to cry.
While the world and scenery could use more fleshing out in my opinion. The characters are decent. A good book for older YA audiences. Be cautioned as there are some hard themes and possible trigger warning scenes in here. I like how the characters deal with the events and come out the other side. Not to graphic in the scenes, but still there.

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