Claiming My Mate (Wolf Hollow Pack Book 1) by Nicole Howl – Review by Shea Gilkerson

Claiming My Mate (Wolf Hollow Pack, #1)Claiming My Mate by Nicole Howl
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My first read by this author, I wasn’t sure what to expect. As with most werewolf romance stories, there are several common themes – werewolves are primal and violent, there are fated mates and the goddess, and there’s evil men and valiant men. There are a few seductive moments, suspense, shape shifting and violence. It was interesting enough that I’ll continue to read the series to see what becomes of Lily and Jason.

Lily is a human servant of the Wolf Hollow pack. She has a grueling schedule for terrible masters. The king and alpha is a cruel man who enjoys making others fear him. Everyone in his presence strictly keeps their eyes away to avoid challenging him. Lily has a miserable life as a servant to the wolf pack, but has made a couple of friends that look out for her. When she is cornered and attacked in her bedroom by an abusive soldier, she is rushed to the royal families medical facility. It is here she really meets Prince Jason, the future alpha. As a human, she expects and anticipates the prince to mistreat her and is determined to stay out of his way…but Jason has caught her scent and realizes she is his mate. He is drawn to her, uncaring of the status difference between them. Once he learns who Lily’s attacker is, he challenges Callum.

This story is pretty fast paced and kept me interested enough to keep reading. It is a shorter book and the interest made for an especially quick read. It seems as though it could be a bit more polished, but was enjoyable and has you cheering for Lily and Jason and liking Dean and Amara.

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