Captivated (Hybrid Lovers Series Book 1) by Toya Richardson – Review by Victoria Trifu

Captivated (Hybrid Lovers, #1)Captivated by Toya Richardson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book will grab you from the beginning. The unique characters and world building is unlike any book I’ve read before. It’s fast paced and fun. Angelina, is living a quiet, virgin existence until the she finally meets the two men she’s been fantasizing about. Not only is she fantasizing about them in her dreams she is painting them during the day too. These two men are brothers that are called, “hybrids,” they are part angel and part vampire and they’ve been waiting to find Angelina for a long time. Try something new and go on this sexy ride filled with demon butt kicking! You will enjoy it!

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