Coyote’s Road Trip by Laura Koerber – Review by Amy Brennan

Coyote's Road TripCoyote’s Road Trip by Laura Koerber
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Dystopian novels will always be my ride or die, for as much as I enjoy contemporary/historical romance and mystery, this will always have a spot in my heart, mind, and soul. This novella is right up there too, from the very start we are curious as to how the Guardian Spirit of a desert valley is going to find his new residence, what with combating the climate change and the changes that he just can’t handle anymore. Coyote has been through so much through his lifetime, and it’s scary to know that the one thing that we as a people can almost control, will cause an irreversible impact on not only us, but the wildlife and nature that prospered long before our time.

This author really allowed for the reader to connect with the changes that are brought up through Coyote’s point of view, and I absolutely adored the way we got to watch him develop and ultimately better himself along the way. His connections with the characters he runs into ultimately changes throughout the pages as well, and in a short period of time, we want to meet, explore, and know more of these people. There is good and bad in this world, and it’s truly about how you decide to approach these things that make all the difference. I do believe that there is a home for all of us. I will be reading the authors work to my daughter as well, the perspective is so refreshing, and alive. Well done!

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