Distant Memories (Nurse Morgan Series Book 2) by Kate MacInnis

Distant Memories (A Nurse Morgan Series Book 2) by Kate MacInnis
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Genre – Paranormal, Romance
Page Count – 249

 Here we go again! Distant Memories, Book Two in the Nurse Morgan Series is about Emergency room nurse Morgan Cutler, who has made peace with the ghosts in her little house on Melody Lane in Metro Detroit. That is, as long as resident spirits Elisabeth and Jonathan Wilkerson abide by the rules and limitations. All is well until one day the seductress, Esmeralda Camarillo Castillo, visits from the other side. Man-hungry and voluptuous, Esmeralda has set her sights on Caleb Lightfoot, MD, Morgan’s boyfriend.

Mr. Too Good to Be True and so handsome he makes her mouth water, Caleb Lightfoot, MD, is moving a little too fast in their new relationship. As a woman in her early 40’s, Morgan is too wise and smart to fall in love with a heartbreaker, but is this guy for real? Could he be the one for her? Either way, Morgan’s not willing to let the seductive Esmeralda to get her hands on him.

On top of that, the house, car, and hospital are filled with ghosts—some of whom are up to no good. Morgan has to keep the balance in her head, life, career, and universe as she battles the demands placed on her by this world and the next.

Will this apparition take away the best relationship Morgan has ever had? Will Esmeralda turn the Wilkersons against her? Will the ghost destroy the hospital Morgan cherishes? Or will Esmeralda ruin the tough nurse’s career and work family that she has worked so hard to maintain? Questions fill Morgan’s head, giving her many sleepless nights. Insomnia is dangerous for a nurse on call but worse when Morgan must keep everything she holds dear safe.

Grab that glass of wine or your favorite beverage and join Morgan as she sorts through the changes she has witnessed in the past and the new ones that have arrived. Be prepared to laugh a lot, cry a little and learn what a family really is—here in this dimension and in the afterlife. Distant Memories is for everyone with a sense of humor who believes in hope, miracles and feeling good.


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Michigan-born and raised, Kate earned a BA in Journalism at Oakland University and Master’s in American Culture at the University of Michigan-Flint. As a professional writer for more than 20 years, her career has included freelance newspaper features writing and fundraising writer for hospitals. This provided an opportunity to hear many stories from nurses, doctors, visitors and family members about unusual activities and miracles that occur without a clear-cut, scientific explanation. She also claims to have had her own share of unusual experiences, some of which are shared in this book.

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