Blood and Vengeance (The Casket Girls Book 2) By A.D. Brazeau -Review by – Stephanie Driskill

Blood & Vengeance (The Casket Girls #2)Blood & Vengeance by A.D. Brazeau
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The second book in The Casket Girl Series finds Greer in the Underworld and her lover Thoren fighting the vampires in New Orleans who have fallen into the bloodthirst madness, Desiree finds herself training and killing alongside Thoren to save innocents from death. Desiree trains hard while her other two friends, Sylvie and Fossie remain in Thoren’s mansion trying to recover and remain safe from those that feasted on them on the journey across the Atlantic. While out hunting, Thoren and Desiree come across one of the vampires from the ship named Jaxon who is determined not to succumb to the blood madness. Jaxon saves Desiree from a mad vampire in hopes of striking a bargain and getting Thoren’s help to learn to eat without using the blood of innocents. Unfortunately, not all goes to plan when destroying the vampires and a new menace and threat has returned from Jaxon’s past, The Mistress. Now needing to destroy the new threat, the casket girls accompanied by Jaxon and Theron must use the help of a swamp witch to banish and destroy the new threat. Somewhere along the way, Desiree and Jaxon find themselves falling in love. Will Desiree give into this vampire? Will the mistress by taken down? Does Greer come back from the Underworld yet? Can Jaxon learn to feed without taking innocents lives? What happens to the swamp witch? Read the book as no spoilers are to be given here. Amazing book and even better than book one in the series. I absolutely love the balance of human and paranormal characters and the fact that the book is written from each of their perspectives, so we get a deeper understanding of the characters and are able to empathize and truly get into each character’s head! A must read!!!!

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