Scandalously Yours (Titans of Manhattan Book 5) by Anise Storm – Review by Shelly Kittell

Scandalously Yours (Titans Of Manhattan #5)Scandalously Yours by Anise Storm
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“Me too, however, I heard the Chief of Staff is a real dick.” This has to be my favorite line in the book. We can all relate to Ale talking to Kris about what she’s heard about the Chief of Staff at her new job. Little does she know, he’s the hot guy she’s talking too. Oh, this opens the door to so much drama and challenge. Prior to finishing medical school, Ale was a surrogate to one of the Titan couples. This was an experience that affected her tremendously. I really enjoyed this story because it is so relatable. You can practically feel the emotions in the story. The characters are so well-written and developed that you feel they are part of your group. Ale needed a tribe of women friends and if anything, I do wish she could have more of that in the story. That ex-wife of Kris, so well-written, I felt like I should watch over my shoulder. Scary mother/wife, that’s a large plot to deal with. The challenges they deal with would try the patience of a saint. I did miss a little more interaction with some of the Titans. It’s another knockout of the park.

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