My Darling Rogue (A Wicked Rogues Romance Book 1) by April Moran – Review by Shea Gilkerson 9/5/22

My Darling RogueMy Darling Rogue by April Moran
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Historical romance has never been my jam, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s verbiage, maybe it’s style, I don’t know. I DO know this book made me rethink that idea. THIS historical romance is beautifully written, has great world and character building, lots of chemistry between the main characters and is HOT HOT HOT.

Gabriel is a man on the fringes of society – his father left him a bastard, but he is wealthy thanks to his own smarts, and also best friends with one of THE high level society members. He has his pick from nearly any woman of any status, and he has had his fair share – but the one he WANTS is Lady Celia Buchanan. While he lusts for her, desires her, and dreams of her – he has convinced himself he is not worthy. Therefore, he hangs around, watching her at society events. Imagining how they would spend their time together and the things he would do, if given the chance – while also feeling like he is protecting her.

Lady Celia Buchanan has a secret in her past that she would like to keep hidden – or at least to marry a man who won’t hold it against her. While her mother does her fair share of work to marry off her daughter, Celia is reluctant – until she notices Gabriel watching her. He’s devastatingly handsome, obviously protective, and the things he says to her when they speak…she is interested in the things he could teach her.

While the entire book is them getting to the truth of the matter, how they are perfect for each other and in for an intense, passionate relationship together – you watch them grow together. Lady Celia is a strong female lead who is likable (for most of the book), smart, passionate, and strong. Gabriel is imposing and dominant, but putty in Celia’s hands. He is masculine, passionate, well thought and spoken…they make a wonderful couple and this read definitely shouldnt just be left laying around for anyone to pick up. NSFW but SO GOOD. Just a great, well written book. Enjoy!

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