Unearthly Magik (Black Cauldron Detective Agency Book 1) by Matilda Reyes – Review by Callie LaMarche

Unearthly MagikUnearthly Magik by Matilda Reyes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Unearthly Magik by Matilda Reyes had a great premise and interesting characters. I truly wanted to love this book but I think it may be too trendy for me. Ava, the main character, is a kick ass magical detective with powers that remind me of poison ivy (earth magic and controls plants). There is the mix of magic with ordinaries going about their business like normal. The setup is great and Ava’s personality shines thru on every page with the little details sprinkled throughout. It is an enjoyable read and recommend to those who are in their teens or young adults.

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