Divided Lives by K. R. Mullins- Review by Stephanie Driskill

Divided LivesDivided Lives by K.R. Mullins
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What an astounding book by K. R. Mullins! Let me just say that if you love her other books from the Notebook Mystery series, then you will totally appreciate reading about the same family but with the main character being Lottie, Emma’s niece. This book is very well-written, and all the feels are in it. The author gives us a bit of background information about the trial of Officer Charles Becker conspiracy trial and sets the stage for a very dramatic story of blackmail, love, crime, family, and betrayal.
Lottie lives in Greenwich village which is known to not follow the mainstream traditions of a big city, but the problem is she is a lawyer for a justice in New York City. So, she must keep her personal life detached or divided from her professional life: so much in fact that while she commutes on her motorbike to work wearing pants but once she arrives at the office she changes into a skirt and adds a clip to her hair so that her short hair is covered and appears to be long hair which was appropriate for women in 1912. From the beginning we see her personal life and her professional life collide as she is blackmailed of pictures with her and her female lover in a compromising situation. Emotions run tense as we find out who is the culprit behind the blackmail and just how many others have been taken advantage of by this lowlife person. With the support of her family and a police officer named Frank, Lottie is saved and can then truly be the person she was meant to be without living a divided life. The characters are easy to love or hate depending on their role in Lottie’s life and the storyline is amazing. The historical information in the book is interesting and really helps set the stage for why a divided life was kept by Lottie and how not all people who wear robes are to be taken at face value. Corruption is in all areas of life and in all sections of the workplace. You must read this book!!!! I just cannot say enough about how wonderful this book really is!!

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