More Text Than Sex by Jim Shomos

More Text Than Sex by Jim Shomos
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 340
Cover Designer – Helen Katsinis

Music never judges us but it sometimes helps us question. 

When Robbie is delegated onto Annie and Cat’s project to run a public songwriting contest, he’s convinced he’ll connect romantically with Annie, a single mother on the verge of relaunching her singing career. Annie is furious, and Cat terrifies Robbie. 

Yet the professional and relationship mayhem at Merger Music runs deeper than the contest chaos. 

Annie’s ex-lover, and still legally her manager, reappears after nine years and demands joint custody of their eight-year-old son. Cat’s volunteer work is financially and emotionally draining. How much can her heart bleed for others before someone bleeds for her? 

Robbie’s going to be the hottest manager of rock stars in Australia, if he can just navigate through a negative minefield: his family. And their CEO’s weakness for starlets creates a scandal that threatens to destroy everything they’re all working for.

Can you find your true self, let alone love, in a business built on sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ lies?


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  Jim’s stories have skipped across film, TV, web series, songs and novels. 

His first novel published in 2020, Up Here, began life as a screenplay and was shortlisted in the top-5 of the Australian Writers’ Guild’s ‘Romantic-comedy competition’ alongside international bestseller, The Rosie Project. 

He has collected nominations and awards in Cannes, from Film Victoria and the Australian Writers’ Guild. 

A passion for Haigh’s Chocolates, Arsenal, Melbourne Victory, cycling and blueberry muffins. Sometimes cycling for blueberry muffins.

Author Interview with Jim Shomos



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