Cooked: The Chef Blows Her Lid by Cari Schaeffer

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Cooked: The Chef Blows Her Lid by Cari Schaeffer
Genre – Clean Romance, Women’s Fiction
Page Count – 468
Cover Designer – Krystine Kercher

At twenty-nine, Olivia is a strong, capable chef on an upward career trajectory when a cheating husband, a shattered friendship, a nagging mother, and nepotism at work conspire to bring her to her knees…and almost living in her car. It’s time to pivot. What’s a girl to do when everything falls apart? Why, open your own business and jump in face first and with eyes firmly shut, of course. Thank God for friends! At least, for friends that don’t steal husbands, that is. 

Olivia enters the oh-so-glamorous business world of sleeplessness, drunken guests, gossipy clients, freebie seekers, and networking groups. Enjoy the buffet of crazy characters Olivia must balance on her plate as she steams ahead. Will she end up putting curtains in her car to dress it up, or can she make a go of it before she blows her lid?


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Cari has worn numerous hats in her life. She proudly wore the uniform of the United States Air Force, obtained her bachelor’s degree and worked as a critical care RN for almost a decade. She also owned her own Personal Chef and Catering company for six years. After all that, she chose to turn her attention back to her family. 

Closing her business didn’t make her a couch potato, however. She volunteered at her church, volunteered her time as a Mentor Mom for two MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) groups, started a thriving book club a few years ago (go figure), and also belonged to a monthly lunch club. She happily entertained people in her home and, along with her husband, raised her three kids in the midst of it all. She not only has a passion for writing, but also for serving. She views writing as a form of service for people from all walks of life.

She lives in southern Illinois with her ridiculously patient husband of over thirty years, three children, one son-in-law, and one granddaughter. Cari can be found at and on the social media site

Author Interview with Cari Schaeffer



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