Broken Sand Dollar (The Sand Dollar Series Book 3) by J D Boudreaux 

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Broken Sand Dollar by J D Boudreaux
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Genre – Sweet Romance
Page Count – 426 Pages
Cover Designer – Ashley Byland and Redbird Designs
Publisher – Bienvenue Press
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It’s all about the love you give…

First there was Penny. Their relationship blossomed into something beautiful, and their engagement was proof of that. But her ambition, her need for success, meant moving forward…without Alex.

Then there was Leigh, his childhood sweetheart. She came rushing back into his life just as quickly as she had left in the first place. While helping her get her life back on track, Alex fell for her all over again. But the more she learned about Alex’s past, the more she learned about herself. Afraid of what may happen next, she does what she does best. Run.

All the while there was Payton. The woman who repeatedly found herself at the receiving end of Alex’s good deeds, who has slowly managed to get her life together. She’s forever grateful for all that he has done, but given the chance to reunite with her family, it will mean saying good-bye to Alex.

Now, while nursing his wounds after all the disappointment, Alex returns to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The place that’s always had a piece of his heart.

It’s there that he realizes it’s up to him to find his own way. Can he be still long enough to realize that what’s happened before is not the end… but the beginning?


Born and raised in Opelousas, Louisiana, J D Boudreaux is married and has three grown children. The family now resides an hour south in the small town of Erath. A good story, good friends, and a good cup of coffee are the ingredients that make up a great day for J D. Add a little boudin, cracklins, and Momma’s homemade carrot cake, and J D will call it a perfect day!


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Small Town Hero: Small Town Brides (Book 1) by Kim Koby – Review by Madison Degraffenreid

Small Town Hero (Small Town Brides, #1)Small Town Hero by Kim Koby
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Small Town Hero: Small Town Brides (Book 1) by Kim Koby

Small Town Hero by Kim Koby is a clean romance following Rebecca after she discovers her fiancé in bed with her best friend. She leaves and just drives until the point of exhaustion. After pulling off at a gas station to fill up and rest she wakes up 4 hours later to a car that refuses to start. After harassing her for loitering Ryan takes it upon himself to help her. After discovering that the nearest hotel is closed down for remodeling he offers to let her stay at his place in the guest room. Little does he know how much this small gesture would impact both of their lives.

I was amazed at how well Rebecca handled everything. If I were in her place I probably would have shut down and fallen into a world of despair. I loved how she was able to move past everything and even bring new joy into Ryan’s life. This beautiful novel was well written and clean. It focused mostly on n renewal but also shared how important the main characters faith was. I really enjoyed this novel and give it an easy 5-star rating.

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Small Town Hero (Small Town Brides book 1) by Kim Koby – Review by Lyndsey Fairley

Small Town Hero (Small Town Brides, #1)Small Town Hero by Kim Koby
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Small Town Hero (Small Town Brides book 1) by Kim Koby
4 stars

This was my first read by this author and while it was a quick read, i was drawn in from beginning to end. You get some good character development along with a great story.
Rebecca is engaged until she walks into his home and finds him with her best friend. She does what anyone else would do, she runs, but doesn’t expect to drive for 10 hours from New Jersey to Tennessee. When her car breaks down and a nice man named Ryan offers his help and a place to stay, while reluctant, Rebecca takes him up on his offer.
I really enjoyed this sweet, but quick story. Cant wait to read more in this series.

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