Divided Lives by K.R. Mullins – Review by Elizabeth Sanchez

Divided LivesDivided Lives by K.R. Mullins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Divided Lives is an action packed story, with so much going on! The book bounces around in the time line quite a bit, and uses memories/past events to set the scene. It was sometimes hard to follow all that was going on. The book revolves around Lottie, a successful, unconventional young woman living in early 1900s New York. She is quite ahead of her time, in her profession and her personal life. The “divided lives” refers to the balance of her personal and professional life and the thin line separating them. I enjoyed the story directly relating to her, including her relationships with Henrietta and Danny, Rose, Frank, etc. However, the story surrounding the trial was hard for me to follow. It has a lot of people involved, without much knowledge of the going ons and background. Despite that, I’m impressed with the level of detail the author has. She created a whole world and within it, a whole crime and all the details behind it. I love the authors opinion of what might have been with the trials and guilt.
While this book isn’t written as a sequel to the Notebook Mysteries series, and under a different pen name, it has many of the same characters. I recommend both, and look forward to more books by the author.

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