The Daredevil (WaterFyre Rising Book 2) by Nadia Han – Review by Terri Jo McAllister

The Daredevil (WaterFyre Rising, #2)The Daredevil by Nadia Han
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Royce Viktorsson was the adventurer of his group of childhood friends. Always seeking the thrill, but the high never lasted. It always felt like he needed more. As a part-time volcanologist, Royce spends most of his time managing all the adventure resorts he owns around the world. But even then, something seems to be missing. That was until he ran into Michelle Yates while in Iceland. Yes, they were acquaintances, but that was where things stopped, until now. Someone is trying to sabotage Royce’s resort business while Michelle’s life is seemingly in danger. I am a fan of this friends-to-lovers series and cannot wait for the rest of the series to come out.

Reviewed by Terri Jo McAllister

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