How To Write A Historical Novel And Love It by TL Clark – Review by Maisie Dickinson

How To Write A Historical Novel And Love ItHow To Write A Historical Novel And Love It by T.L. Clark
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This is a beginner’s guide to writing a historical novel, such as historical romance or just historical fiction, and features information relating to research, writing tips, formatting, publishing, reviews, advertising, and self-publishing. I recommend this book because it has been a really interesting, informative, helpful book and Clark seems so intelligent and friendly, I would love to approach her if I ever write a historical novel and her comments throughout this book have made me feel comfortable enough to do that. It’s pushed me to get on with writing. ‘I write about different types of love because I’m fascinated that the one word ‘love’ has so many meanings and different feelings attached to it. And, let’s face it, I love love!’

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