Spirit Guide (Madame Chalamet Ghost Mysteries Book 3) by Byrd Nash – Review by Desiree Ottinger

Spirit Guide (Madame Chalamet Ghost Mysteries #3)Spirit Guide by Byrd Nash
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Elinor Chalamet is BACK and has a pesky apprentice to boot! After not hearing from the Duke de Archambeau for months, he suddenly reappears with a request for help from Elinor. His friend’s daughter has disappeared, and the man is adamant that the Morpheus Society is to blame. Seeing as how this is the very institution that helped Elinor hone her skills, she feels obligated to investigate. As she digs deeper into the mystery, she discovers that her annoying apprentice, Twyla, is skilled in getting into The Beyond. With the stakes high, the duke adds a kiss to the mix to have Elinor questioning his high handedness with how she is working the case. Will she finally get answers from him about how he feels towards her? Will she be able to find the missing daughter before it is too late?

I thoroughly enjoy this series. Elinor is such a fun character! She has so many questions and you think she’s going to get the answers but for every one answered, it seems like 4 more pop up. I felt bad for her for not getting all of the answers she was looking for but also encouraged because she deserves some happiness. While she isn’t thrilled with having an apprentice, I can see how she is going to mold her into someone that will be an asset to her growing team of mystery solvers. Can’t wait for the next book!!

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