The Challenger (The Hustlers Trilogy Book 2) by Rowan Rossler – Review by Beverly Finnie

The Challenger: A Sports Romance Saga (The Hustlers Trilogy Book 2)The Challenger: A Sports Romance Saga by Rowan Rossler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Challenger was so much more than a sports romance. Was there tennis, yeah. However I feel like this was one of the subplots to the main story.
The saying is “you can’t fix what isn’t broken.” Unfortunately the two main characters the author presents in this book are extremely broken. I don’t mean physically but mentally and emotionally. Which could be a trigger for someone looking for a book to read.
I’ve read sports romances in the past, and I decided to read this one because of my husband. He’s a tennis lover, I was curious as to how this would differ from the baseball, hockey, and football ones. Well being those are team sports that’s one way. Less of a support system, however I’m glad I read it. It was pretty good.
Flynn and Chavez are two people who need to let things go, to move forward. The problem is they are both in therapy because they don’t know how. Their meeting was by chance, but continuing to communicate took effort. Neither one of them likes opening up. Neither one of them is that trusting of anyone. But for some reason they push each other in a way that brings them together. Flynn agrees to be Chavez’s tennis coach to help him rebuild career. What she does is help him discover who he wants to be. Unfortunately at the same time keeping who she is tight lipped.
So the question is when does the other shoe drop? Things aren’t perfect but they are getting by, till it all comes crumbling down.
Will they survive it?
What about Chavez’s tennis career?
Well to get those answers, I’d say it’s time to give this book a chance. I enjoy sports romances but this one has some darker undertones that are intriguing. In saying that, what are you waiting for?

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