Tink (Devil’s Handmaidens MC: Timber-Ghost, Montana Chapter Book 1) by D.M. Earl – Review by Ayla Phipps

Tink (Devil's Handmaidens MC-Book One)Tink by D.M. Earl
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This is the first book I have read by D.M. Earl, and she set a high bar for other MC books. I haven’t read any others before this and the over all story and the work that the Devil’s Handmaidens take on is awe inspiring. While this book is Tink and Noodles story its so much more than that. Being the first book in a new series Tink sets up the world and introduces you to the characters that make the world what they want out of it. As a survivor myself of sexual assault I found Tink’s flashback of when she was 12, to be a little difficult to make it through and had to take a few after to continue but it was well worth it. Told from not only the main couples’ perspectives we get the perspective of Shadow also.
Tink is the president of the Devil’s Handmaidens, after a tragic event when she was only twelve years old and then another one at eighteen; she discovers her hearts mission, ending human trafficking and abuse. Noodles is a Navy SEAL veteran that is new to Timber-Ghost Montana helping a friend Ollie, with his heart mission. Building a sanctuary for military vets and animals. No longer wanting to play games and wanting to settle down Noodles is up front and honest with Tink, informing her that he is interested in her and doesn’t want games but to see where things go. With a little shove from Shadow, Tink gives him her number and things begin. Shortly after an intruder on Tink’s ranch has her and everyone around her searching for the person responsible and asking the question why. Shadow is the Devil’s Handmaidens Enforcer; she does what she must so the others don’t have to. Being one of Tink’s only constants she is family, not by blood but by heart. After the break in and the warning of “soon” written on her wall Tink has no choice but to share her survivor story and the reason for her life’s mission with others outside of her family and MC. Hannah, the result of her assault at age 12, raised by her parents as her sister. Six years later while out with Maggie (Tink) she is kidnapped and disappears.
Will Tink ever find Hannah? Is Noodle truly the one meant for Tink to bring her solace? Can they make it through and still have a part of their souls intact? The world the author created, the characters, the plot and twists this book is everything I never knew I needed. Tink is truly tiny and mighty as her father says. I can’t wait to read book two, Shadow, and learn more about this fierce woman that finds a way to keep going after everything she’s come face to face with.

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