Little Red, the Detective (Science Folktales) by Lois Wickstrom – Review by Jamie Burns

Lois Wickstrom has crafted an excellent book that has a unique twist of science and folktale. In this book, Little Red’s grandmother asks her to bring her some flowers for tea and to come for a visit. On the way to grandmother’s house Little Red stops to search for the correct flower, but will the cunning wolf trick her into gathering the wrong flower? Will this wolf have grandmother for a yummy snack like many other spin-off books of Little Red Riding Hood? Can Little Red outsmart the wolf and have a great visit with her grandmother? To find out, read Little Red, the Detective: a science folktale.

I always enjoy looking for connections to make with student learning for teaching. This book would be great for the beginning of spring during the middle part of a plant unit. Children can create their own plant identification journal, notes can be taken about the plants, and a research project could be completed about a favorite plant. There are so many fun activities that could be completed like flower pressings for the plant identification journal. Another topic could involve All about Using Plants- this would include plants to eat, how plants can help heal people, and other uses for plants.

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