National Parks: An Angsty Second Chance Multicultural Romance by Laikyn Meng – Review By Lorralei Hoerner

National ParksNational Parks by Laikyn Meng
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Well written new adult, contemporary love story that had me drawn by the beautiful cover. As I turned each page I loved the story of Enzo and Phoebe….but their story is definitely not easy..and many times a gut punch. How you can be in love so hard with every bit of might you have and turn and walk away that leads to guilt, sadness, tears and never feeling whole.

Phoebe is a photographer whom travels the world……she meets Enzo by chance encounter as they were strangers. Enzo ends up following Phoebe to all her beautiful destinations so she can capture the beauty in her pictures…but family pressure leads Enzo down the road to a different path. That path seals the fate for many years for both Enzo and Phoebe. Will their love survive the true hardship that comes their way?

This story is beautiful and moments are hard, but the story is so raw and real. The author really captures the true essence of a love that was broken and trying to find the way back. The use of famous National Parks and the descriptive beauty is very captivating. This is a great read.

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