People Safari by Feather Chelle – Review by Dr. Anya Schultz

People SafariPeople Safari by Feather Chelle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

People Safari was a cute book about a deer who wanted to adventure outside the forest. Ranger Marco, a raccoon, is about to take them on this journey, but the deer family is a little weary. Fawn, the young deer, is very excited to learn about his outside world and is amazed by many of the things learned. The fawn learns about neighborhoods, people, and what people do all according to the raccoon which is funny. However, they get spooked when they make their way into a garden and Fawn gets a little lost in the city. Ranger Marco finds the fawn quickly and because she was scared she quickly wants to find her parents and go back to the forest. When Ranger Marco asked if they were ready to explore more, the deer family wouldn’t have it. This was a cute book. I liked all the little thoughts about what they think people do in accordance with getting on a bus for school, walking their pets, and even how pooping works. The fact that the deer thought the human world was crazy was also funny because, well, it is!! I found the illustrations really cute too!

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