Punk (Popov Boys Book 6) by Leslie Georgeson – Review by Beverly Finnie

Punk (Popov Boys #6)Punk by Leslie Georgeson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I struggled when I first started reading Punk. I just couldn’t get interested. However despite that I pushed forward being I was told I should check this book out. Well it wasn’t bad, it just started slow. The author wrote an interesting journey between a vigilante and someone who is hunting vigilante. However the characters aren’t aware of their unforeseen connection. Yet both, Miranda and Efrem, are connected in a way where they can’t resist one another. Despite being boss and employee. Despite being neighbors.
Efrem can’t stop what he feels is his penance for the things he did in the past.
Miranda is looking to get justice for her brother Marcus.
What will Miranda do, when she finds out about Efrem’s biggest secret?
Will Efrem actually tell her?
There’s a lot going on, but not enough, that it takes away from what the author wrote. The different story lines are all connected; you just have to read to see how. It may actually fascinate you. I also haven’t read any of the books that came prior, which says this works wonderfully as a standalone vs just a series.
Would I recommend this book? Sure, just know if there’s any part that feels slow, just keep reading it will all work out. It did for me! Now it is time for me to check out the 5 books prior to this one.

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