A Tendency Dark and Dangerous by Emmalyn Danvers

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A Tendency Dark and Dangerous by Emmalyn Danvers
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Genre: Dark Literary / Erotica
Page Count – 229 pages
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“His voice is like the distant roll of thunder… thrilling and full of warning. I silence the bell inside my head that tells me the time to take shelter is now.”

Evangeline is used to living in the shadows of her lover and friends. Drifting along in the current of others’ lives until the day she meets Landon Kelly. Landon is everything Evangeline never thought she wanted – sexy, demanding, and with an alluring streak that awakens cravings Evangeline knows are dangerous. Before long, she finds herself addicted to living in the spotlight of someone she can’t resist. Addiction is a soul-breaking road to go down and Evangeline’s choices could destroy everything – and everyone – she’s ever cared for. Soon she will have to ask herself if some prices are too high to pay for the thrill of chasing someone so dark…and so dangerous.

A shadowy, twisted tale told in free-verse.


Emmalyn Danvers is the pen name of a not-lost but wandering spirit. She is a librarian, lover, & perpetual observer of the world. She prefers a little coffee with her cream, dancing amidst thunderstorms, and dark literary fiction that will twist your soul.


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The Debt Collector: An Underground Bad Boys Romance by India Kells

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The Debt Collector: An Underground Bad Boys Romance by India Kells Author
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Genre – Erotica, dark romance, romantic suspense
Page Count – 168 Pages
Cover Designer – CT Cover Creations
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A debt that she may not have the strength to repay.

Dr. Tessa Freeman is dedicated to the well-being of her patients, and when battered girls come into her ER, escaping from an underground slave ring, Tessa risks it all to save them. Unfortunately, no good deed ever goes unpunished.

Captured by the slave master, her fate seems worse than death, when a mysterious debt collector comes to her rescue. Locke is not what he seems, full of darkness and secrets, however, he agrees to offer her sanctuary if she repays her debt to him, by completely offering him her body.

Temptation is everywhere, and Locke plays with her mind by sharing her with his best friend Gage, when he’s not ravaging the fierce cage fighter himself. Lust and secrets blur her mind, making it difficult Tessa to know what she desires beyond the two men owning her body. The debt is hiding more than it appears and Tessa won’t be satisfied until she gets the truth. And the man she wants.


Writing for me is like being caught in the eye of a storm and loving every single minute of it.

Dear courageous readers, who dared to thread inside my wild imagination, filled with adventures of amazing women and courageous men, welcome to my world. When all seems to be lost, strength, intelligence and love will help my heroes fight back darkness, and find their way to each other. And you know what? That’s my favorite kind of story!

When I’m not writing about sexy thieves, dashing soldiers and cunning villains, I am traveling the world to find inspiration for my next story. Human nature is the greatest muse




Guilty Pleasures Volume 2: Guilty Pleasures by Joyce McCarthy

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Guilty Pleasures Volume 2: Guilty Pleasures by Joyce McCarthy
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Series – Guilty Pleasures
Genre – Erotica, Romance, Short Story
Page Count – 48 Pages
Publisher – Jennifer Conner Books To Go To Now
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Rachel is hot, sexy and attractive. She is also Brad’s friend Joe’s mother. What starts as a birthday party at his home goes on to become something more memorable when she develops a keen interest in Brad.

Emily is the new teacher in college and every boy has the hots for her, she’s that hot it’s like she just walked out of an adult movie like the ones they show on When Brad has an intimate encounter with Emily in the Metro, he realizes that Emily has much more to teach him than just Electric Motors. And then they land up in a cottage during a holiday.

Brad finds himself mesmerized by the woman who has moved in next door. A chance encounter with her by the pool takes his fantasies to a dangerous new level. And the woman of his fantasies is only too happy to reciprocate.

Pat is a distant cousin and comes over to stay with Brad’s family over the summer. The attraction is instant and soon they find themselves at home, all alone. It is a summer night too hot for Brad to handle.

Brad and Betsy are college friends, and they are attracted to each other. Soon they take their friendship to the next level when her parents are not at home and Betsy invites Brad over for some fun after a hot and heavy movie date.


Joyce writes about the darker shades in human relationships and the many ways in which they unravel and manifest themselves creating stories that thrill, that excite, that scare. When not writing bestselling fiction, Joyce works in a leading consulting and technology services firm. Joyce loves travelling, is an avid reader of fiction, and is passionate about photography, movies and music.