Tompkin’s School: For The Extraordinarily Talented (A Supernatural Academy Trilogy Book 1) by Tabi Slick – Review by Nicky Margaret

Tompkin's School For The Extraordinarily Talented (Supernatural Trilogy #1)Tompkin’s School For The Extraordinarily Talented by Tabi Slick
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Tompkin’s School: For the Extraordinary talented by Tabi Slick is a 3 star read.
Kain and Izzy are twins, they’ve been sent off to boarding school by their father after Kain punched him not long after their mother died and their father married his mistress, but Tompkin’s school is hiding secrets and the twins are starting to have really weird and scary dreams.
I was honestly confused by this book, by the time I got to the end I had more questions than answers, but maybe that’s just me, I would however recommend that you try it for yourself and see what you think.

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Heart of Malice (Alice Worth Book 1) by Lisa Edmonds – Review by Nicky Margaret

Heart of Malice (Alice Worth, #1)Heart of Malice by Lisa Edmonds
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Heart of Malice (Alice Worth book 1) by Lisa Edmonds is a 4.5 star read.
Alice Worth is a Mage Private Investigator she specialises in the paranormal and Supernatural, when a ghost shows up in her office one day saying he’s been attached to her and once he tells her his story Alice wonders if it’s something to do with the past she’s running from. When new client Natalie comes to her looking for help the case takes an unexpected turn, Alice and her ghost Malcom set out to find who is stealing from Natalie. Throw in a handsome werewolf Alpha and a vampire who wants to suck Alice’s blood, will Alice get to the bottom of her case in one piece knowing who she can trust?
This was an enjoyable story, well written with great characters. I can wait to read the next book.

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Winter’s Wolf (The Cursed Series Book 1) by Lou Grimes – Review by Nicky Margaret

Winter's Wolf (The Cursed, #1)Winter’s Wolf by Lou Grimes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Winter’s Wolf: The Cursed book 1 by Lou Grimes is a 5 star read.
Louvette Lynskey has been expelled from another school for fighting, so as her and her mother are planning on moving to another town they are approached by a lawyer for the grandfather Louvette never knew existed, he tell them that her grandfather Wilder has passed away and left everything to her. They decide to move to Wilder’s home and start fresh, attending another new school Louvette meets Arsen, who knows more about Louvette’s family than she does, but there are other secrets that are revealed to her but she’s left not knowing who she can trust.
This is the debut novel by this author and it was amazing, the storyline was well thought out and the characters really were easy to connect with, I can’t wait for book 2.

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Designing Love (The Calderone Family Romance Series Book 3) by Victoria Grant – Review by Nicky Margaret

Designing Love (The Calderone Family Romance Book 3)Designing Love by Victoria Grant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Designing Love (The Calderone Family romance, book 3) by Victoria Grant is a 4 star read.
Caroline Winters is an Architect at the top of her profession, she’s fought her way to the top not letting anything including romance get it her way, so when she’s selected as the lead designer on the Calderone Industries Office complex, her feelings are put to the test when she needs to work with the owners gorgeous son.
Charles Calderone is the Vice President of Calderone Industries, he knows what he wants and will fight to get it but when the new lead architect fights him on every decision he makes for the new building he finds that his professional and personal life are put to the test.
Can these two people work together or will their clashes lead to disaster? This was a funny, fast paced story that I struggled to put down, the author had me hooked from the very first page.

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Hero High: Figure In The Flames by Mina Chara – Review by Nicky Margaret

Figure in the Flames (Hero High, #1-3)Figure in the Flames by Mina Chara
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Denial (Hero High book 1) by Mina Chara is a 3.5 star read.
This is the story of Friday Fitzsimmons who went off to hero high when she was 17, she met and spent some time with her hero Captain Fantastic, she doesn’t really have an active power so is trying to figure out how she can become a superhero.
This is my first book by this author and while it wasn’t one of my favourite books I couldn’t put the book down and read it all in one sitting.

Anger (Hero High book 2) by Mina Chara is a 3.5 star read.
Friday Fitzsimmons is still trying to figure her way around Hero High and the camera’s, the new Dr Dangerous is hell bent on finding his place as a villain and making sure Friday is in the middle of his plans. Making new friends along the way Friday is trying to stop her anxiety worries getting in the way of her time at hero high.
There was a little more excitement in this book but it still fell a little flat for me, but when I picked up the book I didn’t put it down until I was finished.

Bargaining by Mina Chara is book 3 in the series and is a 4 star read.
This book finds Friday fighting against everyone, not sure who is on the side of good or bad, her friendship with Jake is suffering and she’s getting closer to Ashley, but everyone has secrets, can Friday save the day without getting hurt?
This was a quick read and I enjoyed catching up with Friday and seeing how her superhero power would stand up against everyone else’s. The ending fell a little flat for me and I’m hoping there’s more to come.

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New Jerk in Town: An Enemies-to-Lovers Romantic Comedy (Carolina Kisses Book 2) by Sylvie Stewart – Review by Nicky Margaret

New Jerk in Town (Carolina Kisses, #2)New Jerk in Town by Sylvie Stewart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

New Jerk in town (Carolina Kisses book 2) by Sylvie Stewart is a 4 star read.
Milo and Jill knew each other as teenagers and didn’t part on good terms, 12 years later they’re thrown together again and there’s still some animosity, but there’s also the fact that they each felt the other was the one who got away. I loved reading the back story and seeing how they get to where they are now. This book was well written and the characters were well developed, this is a new author to me and I look forward to reading more from her.

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Be Brave with Me (Finding Love in Green Springs Book 1) by CA Miconi – Review by Nicky Margaret

Be Brave With Me (Finding Love In Green Springs Book 1)Be Brave With Me by J.B. Havens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Be Brave With Me:Finding Love in Green Springs book 1 by J.B Havens and CA Miconi and is a 4 star read.
This is the story of Meg and Drew who both had pretty life changing events happen to them and while they are dealing with the emotions that come with it they find each other, but can they deal with their pasts to make a happy future or will their depression tear them apart?
My emotions were put through the ringer with this book, the authors gave us a story that holds your attention and doesn’t want to let go even after the book was done.

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And The River Runs Deep: The Cold Case Murder Mystery of Leah Marcus by A.J. Ullman – Review by Nicky Margaret

And The River Runs Deep: The Cold Case Murder Mystery of Leah MarcusAnd The River Runs Deep: The Cold Case Murder Mystery of Leah Marcus by A.J. Ullman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

And the river runs deep (The Coldcase murder mystery of Leah Marcus) by A.J Ullman.
This novel was written as true crime story so there was lots of information given but for me there was just too much information it made the book hard to read for me and I kept wanting to skip lots of the book, I didn’t really like the style of writing and all in the book just wasn’t for me at all, but others may find it enjoyable.

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Lucifer’s Emblem: A Paranormal Academy Novel (Celestial Academy Book 1) by Sarah Biglow & Molly Zenk – Review by Nicky Margaret

Lucifer's Emblem (Celestial Academy, #1)Lucifer’s Emblem by Sarah Biglow
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lucifer’s Emblem: Celestial Academy book 1 by Molly Zenk and Sarah Biglow is a 3 star read.
Zuri is the 18 year old daughter of Lucifer and while sneaking in to see his Emblem the glass shatters as she touches it and someone steals it, knowing that it’s her responsibility to find the Emblem and bring it back to hell, Zuri goes undercover at the Celestial Academy to find the thief. Along the way she meet Miryam, daughter of Archangel Michael, who has some major daddy issues.
As much as it pains me to say I really struggled with this book, it was a short read but it took me a while to get into the book and I just didn’t enjoy it. I would recommend trying it for yourself cos you never know you might just enjoy it.

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Phoenix Team One: Selected (Mythical Alliance: Phoenix Team Book 1) by Claire Luana – Review by Nicky Margaret

Phoenix Team One: Selected (Mythical Alliance: Phoenix Team Book 1)Phoenix Team One: Selected by Claire Luana
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Phoenix Team 1 by Claire Luana is a 4 star read.
Zariya Chanji is half naga, half human raised by her father after her mother died in childbirth. When he father dies she knows something isn’t right about the story she’s been told, she’s convinced he was murdered and will do whatever it takes to find out the truth.
This book started off quite slow and I struggled to get passed the first few chapters but I’m glad I stuck with it because it turned out quite good.

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