Unraveled by Aubrey Bondurant – Review by Robin Rankin

UnraveledUnraveled by Aubrey Bondurant
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Unraveled by Aubrey Bondurant is a story that shows the depth of true love and it was a truly beautiful story.

Layla and Kellan meet by chance when she saves him from an uncomfortable situation and the sparks between them are undeniable. What started as a one stand turned into so much more without either of them wanting it to due to the timing in their lives not being ideal.

The relationship between Layla and her Mom was so relatable for me on both sides. The Mother/Daughter relationship can be a tough one to navigate and I feel like Ms. Bondurant did a great job showing the ups and downs.

I have had the pleasure of reading almost everything written by Ms. Bondurant and this is my favorite so far. I look forward to seeing what she is releasing next.

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The Mourning Islands by Douglas Wells – Review by Robin Rankin

The Mourning IslandsThe Mourning Islands by Douglas Wells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Mourning Islands by Douglas Wells was the first I had read by him. But will not be the last. This story drew me in from the beginning and I hated finishing it because I was enjoying it so much.

Talmon is hired to do one job, that is to get information on the Resort being build to report back to the investors. There ends up being so much more to the story and lots of surprises.

I really enjoy suspenseful mysteries, but this one I loved. The characters were great with a lot of depth. I can’t wait to read others by Mr. Wells.

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Say Something by Jennifer L. Allen – Review by Robin Rankin

Say SomethingSay Something by Jennifer L. Allen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Say Something by Jennifer L. Allen grabbed me when I read the synopsis and it was so much more than I was expecting. I really feel almost like I’m at a loss for an adequate description for how much their story effected me.

I personally never had to deal with the issues Jessica dealt with in regards to infertility, but that consuming desire to become a mother is something I totally understood and could relate with that.

This was an emotional story to read, and I cried more times then I want to admit, but I so loved this book and everyone in it. If you can handle the sensitive subject, I would highly recommend you read it.

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MaddJax Series, Boxed Series Set, Book One & Book Two: A Second Chance Stepbrother/co-CEO Romance by Deborah Ann – Review by Robin Rankin

MaddJax Series, Boxed Series Set, Book One & Book TwoMaddJax Series, Boxed Series Set, Book One & Book Two by Deborah Ann
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

MaddJax Series Boxed Series Set Books One and Two: A Second Chance Stepbrother/co-CEO Romance by Deborah Ann has quite an intriguing title and the story lives up to it.

I totally understand why Maddison feels the way she does about her feelings for Jaxon, he is her stepbrother after all but I don’t like the way she handles a lot I’d the situations and it appeared to me that the person with the biggest problem with it was Maddison.

Jaxon isn’t what you would expect from the first impression. He comes across as an extremely confident man, which he is but he is so much more than that. He has a heart of gold and will do anything for those he loves.

This was an entertaining story, it had me laughing, crying and scratching my head and I really enjoyed it.

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BECKONED, Part 6: Adrift in New Zealand by Aviva Vaughn – Review by Robin Rankin

BECKONED, Part 6: Adrift in New ZealandBECKONED, Part 6: Adrift in New Zealand by Aviva Vaughn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beckoned Part 6: Adrift in New Zealand by Aviva Vaughn was the perfect way to end this series. I usually have a hard time letting go and saying bye to characters I have spent so much time with but for some reason this ending didn’t have that effect. I truly believe it was due to the fact that all of the loose ends were tied up so nicely.

Soren went through and grew so much from the time he was in Grad School until the very end. I loved watching him evolve from a emotionally repressed man to what he ended up becoming. His travels to Costa Rica and then to New Zealand were exactly what he needed.

I will always hold a special place in my heart for Soren along with others that have left an impact on me. Looking forward to see what Ms. Vaughn releases next.

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Beachcomber Enemy: A Romantic Thriller (Beachcomber Investigations Book 10) by Stephanie Queen – Review by Robin Rankin

Beachcomber EnemyBeachcomber Enemy by Stephanie Queen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Beachcomber Enemy by Stephanie Queen is the tenth book on the Beachcomber Investigations series and I think this is the best of the books I’ve read.

Dane and Shana have to deal with something from Shana’s past. It started on page one and did not let up the entire book. Lots of suspense and crime solving all the way through.

This book is a cliffhanger and it makes me wonder what will happen next with Dane and Shana along with Beachcomber Investigations.

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Crafting Love (Wine & Furniture Series Book 1) by A.E. Gamrat – Review by Robin Rankin

Crafting Love (Wine & Furniture Series Book 1)Crafting Love by A E Gamrat
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Crafting Love by A E Gamrat is the first book in the Wine & Furniture series. This is a new to me author and I didn’t know what to expect. I throughly enjoyed this book. It was well written and had a great plot. The characters were all great and there was only one I really didn’t like and it was totally justified.

Kelly and Kirk so deserve to be happy. They have both been hurt in the past and have a hard time with trust. There were several parts I liked but I think her birthday party was probably my favorite of all.

I plan on keeping up with this series, I need to know what happens with not only Kelly and Kirk but Grace and Grant.

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Murder Among Friends by Linda J. Burson – Review by Robin Rankin

Murder Among FriendsMurder Among Friends by Linda Burson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Murder Among Friends by Linda Burson was one I had a hard time putting down. I hated going to work because it cut into my reading time and I couldn’t wait to figure out what happened and I was so wrong on who I thought it was.

I have so many things I want to say about some of the characters, but I’m afraid it will tip things off, but I will say that each one of these characters is amazing and not everyone is what they seem.

I have read a few books by Ms. Burson and while I have enjoyed all of them I think this is my favorite to date. I would love to see more mystery romance novels by her.

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Fictional-ish by Natalina Reis – Review by Robin Rankin

Fictional-ishFictional-ish by Natalina Reis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fictional-ish by Natalina Reis is a sweet friends to Lovers romance. Sometimes you don’t know what you have right in front of you until it’s too late and gone.

Livie and Kyle’s story is sweet even with the bumps in the road they have to deal with. They have known each other since they were little and have been inseparable since, that is until Kyle is an idiot.

As much as I loved Kyle and Livie I think I loved Jenny just a little more. She made me laugh or smile several times.

I would love a follow up or to see Jenny end up with her own story. I think that would be a great story to read.

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Fierce Emotions (Marcy Series Book 8) by Linda Burson – Review by Robin Rankin

Fierce EmotionsFierce Emotions by Linda Burson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fierce Emotions by Linda Burson is the eighth book on the Marcy Series. This book most definitely shouldn’t be read as a standalone, it’s an on going series.

Brad and Liam aren’t perfect but they take such good care of Evan and Marcy and though they overreact to a lot they are able to dial it back.

Marcy really has a good life, two husbands that love her and the sweetest toddler and friends. But if you have been keeping up with the series you will know it isn’t always great for her.

This is a book you want to read when you have a time to sit back and soak it in.

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