Fierce Emotions (Marcy Series Book 8) by Linda Burson – Review by Robin Rankin

Fierce EmotionsFierce Emotions by Linda Burson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fierce Emotions by Linda Burson is the eighth book on the Marcy Series. This book most definitely shouldn’t be read as a standalone, it’s an on going series.

Brad and Liam aren’t perfect but they take such good care of Evan and Marcy and though they overreact to a lot they are able to dial it back.

Marcy really has a good life, two husbands that love her and the sweetest toddler and friends. But if you have been keeping up with the series you will know it isn’t always great for her.

This is a book you want to read when you have a time to sit back and soak it in.

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Cold Bastard (A Dark Sparrow Novel Book 2) by India Kells – Review by Robin Rankin

Cold Bastard (Dark Sparrow #2)Cold Bastard by India Kells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cold Bastard by India Kells is the second book in the Dark Sparrow series. I have manages to read the backwards but they can be read as standalones thankfully, however there are things that make more sense to me from book three.

Archer has moved his business from England to Chicago temporarily while he is trying to sell parts of his business and needs assistance which is how Zoe comes into the picture.

The heat between Archer and Zoe is off the charts and there is one scene I had to give myself a minute. Who knew a conversation could be so hot?

This book and series is a good mix of suspense, romance and comedy. There were some laugh out loud moments from a few different people, one of which I didn’t expect.

I can’t wait for the remaining books to come out in this series. It’s definitely going on my watch list.

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Wild Bastard: A Dark Sparrow Novel by India Kells – Review by Robin Rankin

Wild BastardWild Bastard by India Kells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wild Bastard by India Kells is the third book in the Dark Sparrow series. I haven’t read the others in the series so there are some things I’m sure would make more sense if I had read them, but this could be read as a standalone.

The third brother to get a book is Kai. He is a strong alpha who was once brought to his knees by a woman but he’s determined not to let that happen again. He is stuck somewhere in the middle of the past and now when he sees her.

Isabel has become a successful owner of a PR firm which has really taken off in the last couple of years. She’s approached by Jamison Finch to help him but is this a good idea or will she be working with the devil.

I really liked the relationship between Kai and his brothers. Even though they weren’t raised together they have a good relationship. Looking forward to going back to read the first two while waiting for the next one to be released.

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Problematic Love (Rogue Series Book 8) by Lara Ward Cosio – Review by Robin Rankin

Problematic Love (Rogue Series Book 8)Problematic Love by Lara Ward Cosio
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Problematic Love by Lara Ward Cosio is the eighth book in the Rogue Series and I hope not the last. I love this group and after eight books I feel like I have a real connection with them even if I’m not married to a rock star.

This is the book about Danny Boy and I’m so glad he got to tell his story to me. Danny Boy has been a drug addict since he was a teenager and quite honestly lucky to be alive and thankfully clean.

He does so much growing up in this book and it makes my heart happy. He deserves all the happiness the world can bestow on him and Amelia helps with that and shows him so much about himself.

As much as the romance between Danny Boy and Amelia is the story, I think this is one that has more than one important storyline. I loved this book and as much as I loved the others in this series I think this is my favorite. Something about Danny Boy that just wrapped around my heart.

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Perfectly Played by Holly Kerr – Review by Robin Rankin

Perfectly PlayedPerfectly Played by Holly Kerr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Perfectly Played by Holly Kerr had so many things I love to read about.

First, there is a dog Cappie and I’m a firm believer that every book should have a dog and/or a cat. Second, a hot guy with a beard, you can’t go wrong there and as an added bonus he’s a baseball player which is one of my favorite things about summer. Finally you have a sweet story about how fate brought two people together so far from home.

Dean and Flora’s story is just adorable and really not too far fetched which I enjoyed. After they both have their previous relationship end on what should have been their wedding day they literally run into each other and the games began immediately.

I loved Flora and her relationships with M.K., Ruthie and Patrick. Though two were family they were amazing and I fell in love with Patrick.

This story drew me in front the start and I hated having to put it down. I throughly enjoyed this book.

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HEELS OF FORTUNE: PJ Santini Series: Book Two by Lynne Russell – Review by Robin Rankin

Heels Of Fortune (PJ Santini Series Book 2)Heels Of Fortune by Lynne Russell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Heels of Fortune by Lynne Russell is the second book in the P.J Santini series. This book picks up where the last left off, but P.J. is going to find herself in a completely different mess.

P.J. has an uncanny ability to get herself in the middle of some pretty interesting and dangerous situations even when they aren’t her fault. Which makes for a great and entertaining experience with some laughs thrown in for giggle.

I have specific parts that I really enjoyed but they are part of the storyline and I refuse to give anything away. Though I will say that I laughed out loud during the meeting with Willy and I love P.J.’s family.

Looking forward to reading more by Ms. Russell in the future.

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Tainted Saint (The Hawke Family Book 5) by Gwyn McNamee – Review by Robin Rankin

Tainted Saint (Hawke Family #5)Tainted Saint by Gwyn McNamee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tainted Saint by Gwyn McNamee is the fifth book in the Hawke Family series. I can’t believe we are already five books in this series. I love this group of characters and I’m dying to read the next book.

Saint captured my heart in this story for a few reasons. He is strong, protective and has a heart a gold. Also the fact he represented the Who Dat Nation didn’t hurt. 😁

Caroline is similar to Dani in personality which is helpful since they’re best friends. She gets a “brilliant” idea which could end up costing her and others everything though her heart was in the right place.

This was much shorter than the others in the series but it was perfect for Saint and Caoline. I’ve said it before and will say it again you must read this book and series.

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Things We Lost (Loving Locksley Book 1) by Shae Banks – Review by Robin Rankin

Things We Lost (Loving Locksley Book 1)Things We Lost by Shae Banks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Things We Lost by Shae Banks is the first book of the Loving Locksley series. For some reason I didn’t realize this was the beginning of a series and was quite distressed thinking that my questions weren’t being answered but thankfully this is just the beginning of the series and there is more to come.

Nathalie is starting another new chapter in her life in so many ways and she’s clueless to the depth of the changes to come. She has come so far from her past and keeps on going up. She was not ready to run into Jason Locksley even after twelve years.

I’m trying to be patient to find out what’s going to happen next, especially to see if I’m right in my thinking.

This is a cliffhanger and worth the read.

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Run to the Sea (Reigning Hearts Book 1) by KG Fletcher – Review by Robin Rankin

Run to the Sea (Reigning Hearts, #1)Run to the Sea by K.G. Fletcher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Run to the Sea by K.G Fletcher is the first book in the Reigning Hearts series. I have read other books by Ms. Fletcher and enjoyed them all, but this might be my favorite one to date.

Emmeline and Thomas have such a sweet story. They started out as childhood best friends and then Thomas disappeared without a word. They run into one after quite a few years and they are both blind sided by the run in.

Thomas had lost who he was due to being blinded by an ambition to prove himself. This story is so much more than a romance it is also about someone rediscovering who they are and where they really belong with a little help from friends and family.

This is a series I’ll be keeping up with so I can make sure I don’t miss a single book.

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Lies Come True (The Avery Hart Trilogy Book 1) by Emerald O’Brien – Review by Robin Rankin

Lies Come True (Avery Hart Trilogy, #1)Lies Come True by Emerald O’Brien
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lies Come True by Emerald O’Brien is the first book in the Avery Hart Trilogy is reminded me how much I love a crime story. I started reading it in the tub and before I knew it the water was cold and I had already read the first quarter of the book. I hated putting it down long enough to get out and ready for bed.

Avery was attacked when she was only fourteen years old as she was walking home from school. She barely escaped with her life that day.

Fast forward ten years, women are being attacked in a similar area and the description given matches the one Avery gave all those years ago and she decided to reach out to the police department and that is when Noah enters her world.

There are things I want to mention but they could be considered spoilers and the last thing I want to do is ruin this book for anyone. Looking to find time now to read the next book in this series.

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