Awaken by G.R Thomas – Review by Anna Hirsch

AwakenAwaken by G.R. Thomas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Awakened by G.R. Thomas
4 Stars

Sophia Woodville is an ordinary girl who never liked being the centre of attention. She never had a normal childhood. She lived with her Nan and was homeschooled until junior high. She has a birthmark that covers half her face which she covers up whenever she goes out. She has an innate ability to heal so it was a natural choice for her to become a nurse.

Unfortunately for Sophia, she is far from ordinary. Circumstances happen and she finds herself fighting for her life. Thrust into an ancient world, in the middle of a battle between angels and demons, she must find her strength and self confidence. So far out of her comfort zone, she learns about the origins of humanity and original sin, about the fall of angels and the beginning of demons. She discovers that she is the key to the saviour of all mankind. No pressure there! Nothing is as it seems. She finds new friends and finds out who she can and cannot trust. Will an angel make her fall from grace? Will a demon save her soul?

This book was very intriguing for me. It mixed the belief of heaven and hell, Angels and Demons and the concept of aliens creating the earth. It sounds bizarre but it actually worked. There were many heavy ideas to digest but the author did an excellent job of explaining every detail so it was simple to comprehend. There was a lot of intrigue and some serious action which will keep you wanting to find out what happens next. The book ends in a cliffhanger so now I wait in anticipation for the next book.

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